Changing my vision meant altering my day to day life.

The almost double vision shocked me. I was afraid of what was happening to me and unable to completely explain it to others. All of my friends were trying to be supportive, but they were even more confused about what I was going through than I was. Instead of going out dancing or doing something fun, I stayed at home reading or doing something mellow. I am not the type to be in bed by 9:30pm, but my body had other plans for me. I was fighting the physical manifestations of these changes. I knew I needed to rest, but I didn’t want to.

After my 7th session (Week 3), I came home and made dinner and then went to my yoga class. After five minutes of yoga, I realized I needed to go home and sleep.

I canceled all my evening activities and had to explain to friends and acquaintances why I couldn’t meet them after work. I came home after therapy, made dinner, wrote some emails, tried to read and was asleep by 9 or 9:30pm and slept 10 hours. I felt very refreshed the next morning, but lamented my severely reduced social life.


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