When I was a kid, before my second operation at the age of 17 for amblyopia (lazy eye), I thought I could move objects, not realizing that I had no magical powers. My eyes were seeing objects in different places because they weren’t aligned. Since I alternated my vision from one eye to another, I saw objects in different locations.     During my pre-surgery vision therapy, I found out that I in fact was not a little ocular wizard. I had poorly coordinated eyes. My specialness evaporated and I had to come to terms with my defects.

But as an adult, it’s mind blowing to see something in single and then have it double and then disappear. It’s harder to handle. I thought that if I see something then it must be real. But if my mind is playing tricks on me and showing me the same object in duplicate or on its own in a matter of seconds then I must be going crazy or living in the funny mirror section of the children’s science museum.


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