The next day at therapy, I put on my regular glasses, Polaroid lenses, green/red glasses and a prism to look at some double transparencies to see if I could see them in double. My nose wasn’t big enough for all the lenses and I had to hold the prism. It was my hardest task yet and I struggled to see what the doctor was showing me. I knew he wanted me to see the picture of the king in 3D, with both the bowl and cane in my view. But I could only see the regal man with a bowl or cane, but not both. For someone like me, goal oriented and practical, it kills me psychologically to not be able to do something that I know exists. I knew the king had a bowl on one transparency and a cane in another, but I couldn’t fuse both images.

I had concentrated so hard at the doctor’s office that I think I was in the same frame of mind when I went to a bookstore cafe to wait for my friend Jose. I looked out at the bookshelves and could tell that my eyes/brain were trying to see them in double. Though I knew very well that I was no longer in the doctor’s office and not supposed to see the Barnes and Nobles shelves in duplicate, I was involuntarily trying to do so. I was also coming down with a cold. So I don’t know if it was a result of my being sick and tired from the visual exercises or if I was losing my mind a bit. The next day’s full moon probably didn’t help. When Jose arrived and I told him how I was feeling, he offered to drive me home. I appreciated the offer, but decided to go home alone. I got to my car and realized I had left my hat in the bookstore. After retrieving my hat, I drove home, conscious that my brain was trying to see in double. By the time I arrived home, the water heater had exploded and my roommate and his girlfriend were salvaging his possessions from the  flooded garage. Unable to help them, I apologized, ate quickly and collapsed on my bed, sleeping more than 10 hours.


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