The changes in my vision come and go. I see double a lot more often but I usually only see one item in double, not everything in view. If that happened, I’d be going crazy. I do see more definition on TV with more distance between the TV news announcers and the background. When I watch “The Daily Show” online, I see more distance between Jon Stewart and the backdrop, the outline of his figure is more defined.


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  1. josh says:

    Both of these things are happening to me!

    I often see smaller objects as double, like the drain in the sink . But I have yet to see everything totally double.

    And I have also noticed that, when watching TV, there seems to be more depth in the picture, just like you were saying. I thought this was insane, because I can’t see depth in real life or in vectograms, so why should the TV have more depth? So I just decided that I was making it up, even though I continued to notice it. Now that I know that you see it too, I feel less crazy!

    • I asked my developmental optometrist about the TV screen thing today. He said that because the various elements on screen are constantly moving and the light is flickering, our eyes are more sensitive to the depth. This is why, according to him, why some people can see more 3D images in a 3D movie than in real life.

      • josh says:

        Ohhh, that makes sense. I know that I am able to suppress less if I blink my eyes or turn on a strobe light, so that certainly would fit the pattern.

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