No matter how charming the Brazilian potential boyfriend may be, when one’s world is flickering, with vibrating walls, and objects appearing and disappearing with the blink of an eye, inviting an itinerant romantic partner into one’s life is not a good idea. In any case, starting a relationship with a man who seems to be married to his job that takes him to the desert, to the world’s most populated city (Mexico City) and then to land of the Vikings in a period of a month or so is not wise. It’s an even worse idea eight weeks into vision therapy when I am never sure when I will see totally stable. Having slowed down my life considerably to allow the time to do vision therapy and deal with the fatigue and confusion attached to the therapy, I would be inflicting pain on myself to expand my field of vision further and invite even more flickers into my life, those of a boyfriend coming to and from with his passport collecting more stamps that I may even see in duplicate.

This trajectory to seeing in double is having a remarkable impact on my day-to-day life. I am much more selective about how I spend my time because I know I can’t handle as much socializing as before. Loud or crowded stores are too noisy and bothersome for me. I am glad that I am also thinking more about potential friends and boyfriends. My life is crazy enough as it is with seeing in double and staring at vectograms, I can’t further complicate it with trying to contact someone across timezones via Skype, SMS text messaging, email and calls. Been there. Done that. That was life in 2D, now I am kinder to myself on my road to 3D!


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