Yesterday, I went ice skating after more than three years of not touching the ice. My friend Matt who went with me said it looked like I was trying to swim on the ice because I was moving my hands around like a swimmer! For someone who has trouble with balance in general and even more so now with my constantly changing vision, staying upright on the ice is not an easy task. I only fell once. Ok, it was after the first three minutes of skating, but then I stayed up for the rest of the evening.  When I got off the ice, I noticed a bump in the flooring and I wasn’t sure if there really was a bump or if my eyes were tricking me.

I am constantly checking to see if something I think looks weird is really off or if I am just losing my mind.

A few weeks ago, I was walking to the grocery store and I saw the sidewalk moving as I stepped to the door. I knew the sidewalk wasn’t shifting shape, but it looked like it was.

After seeing the doctor two days ago, I walked into a bank to deposit money and the TV screen was showing CNN in double. I checked with the bank teller and he confirmed that their TV was broken and all the channels were being shown in duplicate on the screen. Phew! I wasn’t imagining! I then told him I had just come from the doctor’s office and wasn’t sure if I was seeing right. He was curious what I had done at the doctor’s office and I told him a bit about vision therapy. He seemed really interested so I told him more. But then I saw someone in line and I didn’t want to make that person wait as I chatted up the teller.


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