Alright, so I am not really on house arrest, but being told that I am best off to avoid places with lots of people, noise and different lights is about the same as being on house arrest for an active person like myself.

When I told my doctor about my dancing dervish experience, I asked him if I should avoid dance clubs and other populated and noisy places and he said “yes”.

I’ll still go out dancing, but maybe not three times in one week. I’ll try it once next week and see what happens.

A few weeks ago, I was in a store on a Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t super loud, but it was too loud for me and I had to leave.

I feel over stimulated by noise and lights sometimes and need to stay away. But, what am I supposed to do with myself? Maybe I should buy a TV and get a Netflix membership and be a total homebody and just watch TV.

By nature, I am a super active person and it’s hard to entertain myself without being around music and people. I’m even cut down on meeting with friends because I have a narrow bandwith now and have less patience and interest in hearing their drama.

As a thrill seeker, I am at odds with myself. I don’t know who to be. I can’t be the person I was before. I am pursuing the biggest thrill of my life: seeing in 3D. But I have to give up being the person I’ve known myself to be my entire life and severely limit my activities. I don’t know who I will be when I see in 3D. I doubt I will recognize myself.

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