When I saw the movie What The Bleep, I didn’t quite understand the concept of something being present in two places at once. It wasn’t until I saw the movie the 2nd time last summer that I really thought about it. Now that I occasionally see in double, and often see the walls vibrating, I can truly attest to the fact that an object can indeed be in two places at once.

Last week, there was a report on National Public Radio NPR) called,

Quantum Physics Leaps Into The Visible World, where physicists discussed their findings that they could witness an object being in two places at once on a humanly visible scale. Previously, it was thought that this only happened on a subatomic level.

When I see the walls vibrating I often think of the movie What the Bleep because I feel as though I have microscopic vision and can see the atoms of my walls moving around. Ironically, my mom worked at the Stanford atom smasher facility in the 1980s. I had no idea what the machine did at the time. Now I feel like my eyes are atom smashers.


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