On Monday, the doctor did some tests on me and still could not figure out what was going on with me. I would see five dots instead of four and some of them would move around a lot.

Over the weekend, I could feel as though my eyes were not stable. While walking on the sidewalk, I could see the diagonal lines moving along with me as I walked. They never moved before. They always stayed in the same place as I went past them.

On Monday, the optometrist said that my eyes are going between esotropia and exotropia quite quickly, giving me the feeling that I am not stable because things move around.

At the gym on Tuesday, I was looking out the window and it seems as though the license plate of the car parked by the window was inside the gym and not outside. I had to look closely and it still appeared distorted. But I knew that the car was definitely outside the gym and not inside.

On Wednesday, while driving on the highway, I looked in my rearview mirror and the cars behind me seemed to be curved upwards. They should have been in a semi-straight line behind me. I blinked, looked ahead of me and then checked again in the mirror. The cars had returned to their normal position.

I told this to the doctor yesterday and he said that these optical distortions were actually a good sign because it meant that my brain is momentarily fusing and it shuts off quickly because it is totally overwhelmed with too much information.

He thinks now that I am in a critical stage and that is why my eyes are shifting so much and I feel like my vision is unstable.

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  1. K says:

    I agree with your doctor, it sounds like you are making progress and you might be about to turn a corner. Please keep us posted!

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