I was upset yesterday in the office when I realized that my brain was creatig an “x” in the vectogram that didn’t exist.

“Don’t worry about the double ‘x’. Just concentrate on the outer circles and make sure you can see them single and one is closer to you than the other.”

Again, I will concentrate on the outer things that work best and not berate myself for not seeing the objects in my central vision that I see incorrectly,

I see the big things fine.

The devil is in the details.

Don’t sweat the small stuff is the title of a book I was looking at waiting for a friend at a bookstore after the doctor’s visit.

I will remember this.

The doctor thinks that I see objects moving because my eyes are moving, not because I am rapidly alternating.

I have to remember not to be mad at the small stuff and not be bothered by things moving around.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    How has your vision therapy been going lately? I currently have a 35 PD esotropia. My COVD optometrist suggested that my prognosis for VT was not good, but that we should re-evaluate after I have surgery.

    So I am very interested in your experiences. There are not many VT bloggers around so your site is valuable to me!

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