A few weeks ago, I came into the developmental optometrists’ office and asked if there was anyway to stabilize my side effects as my energy levels were volatile. I had gone to my regular doctor to make sure I didn’t have anemia or some other problem that could have been causing the fatigue. My blood tests were all fine. So I deduced that my vision therapy was causing my fatigue. I was also seeing things moving all the time. The double vision had mostly gone away, but it was replaced with my world being in motion.

The doctor suggested I bring in an old pair of glasses for him to tape up. I thought he was going to put black tape on my specs and that I would look like a total freak show. Luckily, when I brought him the glasses, he measured in millimeters how much clear tape he would put on the part of my lenses closest to my nose. Though better than black tape, the clear tape was very obvious. I looked like the classic picture of a nerd with taped up glasses — not the ideal image for a single woman! The doctor told me I didn’t have to wear them ALL THE TIME if I wanted to save myself embarrassment. That night, I had a thronging headache. I don’t know if it was because of the bi-nasal tape or if it was due to my cold. But the moving and vibrating objects ceased to catch me off guard. My world stayed stable, at least visually. Being the active person I am, prone to adventures and crazy stories, my life is never in permanent stability.

The next day, I went to my Brazilian Portuguese conversation group. I didn’t want to introduce myself as the taped glasses woman em português, so I came in my contact lenses. It was a full moon that night. When I got home and gazed at the moon, I saw it vibrating. Then I saw two full moons. Yes, I saw two full moons. I was not crazy. This is why I have to wear the taped glasses. Oh my!

When I came back to the doctor and told him about my double moon, he chuckled. Then he took the glasses away and had me do some other exercises with my other glasses. He came back with a new look for my lenses. I now had clear nail polish where the tape used to be. It’s less noticeable. My friends laughed when I told them I had nail polish on my glasses and not on my finger or toe nails. At this point, I really don’t care. If the nail polish can block me from having moving objects all the time and keep me sane, that’s fine with me.

I don’t know if it’s the effect of the nasal blockers or the fact that the weather has been good for the past three weeks, but my energy is back and I feel human. Having energy is the most important thing for me right now. Without it, I walk through life like a zombie in need of caffeine. I don’t even like coffee that much.


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