About two weeks ago, I was watching the Brazil vs. North Korea World Cup game at a crowded Brazilian restaurant in Sunnyvale, California while drinking a beer. After Brazil’s win, I went to my vision therapy appointment, on an empty stomach. Granted, going to VT after a lunch of one Stella Artois on draught, is not optimal, but I was OK.

However, I did realize the similarity between vision therapy in soccer. The soccer player has to see the ball in front of him and also know how to best pass the ball to his team mates without getting into the hands or feet of his opponents. It’s as though the player has to have eyes on all sides of his head and see the center and periphery simultaneously.

When the doctor asks me to look into the center of the rings of the vectogram and tell him if I see one or two boxes at the top of the vectogram, it’s super hard because I am looking at the center and trying to figure out what I see in the periphery.

No wonder I was never good at team sports in school. It’s hard to imagine that the Spanish star, David Villa, was traded for $46 million from the Valencia to Barcelona soccer team. Hmm, I wonder what miracles will come of my life when I can see in 3D. I doubt I’ll be as generously renumerated as Villa, but maybe I’ll have an easier time seeing various things simultaneously.


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