Last Saturday, I saw two full moons again. I had the same thing happen at the end of May on the night of the full moon. I was wearing my contact lenses as I didn’t want to wear my nerdy taped up glasses at a Brazilian Portuguese conversation group. I came home, looked at the moon and saw the moon moving. Then I saw it in double.

Last Saturday, I was curious if I could do the same full moon trick again. Sober, I stood in my aunt’s backyard at my cousin’s birthday and looked at the moon. I saw it in single. Then I worked my magic and I got to see two moons again! The second moon wasn’t quite the same size as the “real” one, it was more of an oblong shape and it moved around. I could keep it double for a long time.

I went to the eye doctor on Monday and told him about my discovery and I told him I could keep it double for longer then the previous month.

Now the doctor has me looking at a piece of white paper with a letter in black until I see it in double. When I get it in double, then I have to use a prism on my right eye to make it single. He explained that the contrast of light of the bright moon on the night sky and the black letter on the white paper might explain why I can see those things in double.

How can one know what really exists if one can tell oneself to see in single or double?


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