Yesterday, on the beach by the Seaside sand dunes near Monterey, CA, I was staring at the sand. There seemed to be more black space between the flakes of sand. Could this be the heightened depth to which I am aspiring? I looked at the waves,. the dunes, the view of Monterey and everything looked the same as before. Only the sand was different. It reminded me of being in vision therapy when the doctor tells me not to worry about the small details I see changing in the vectograms I have to stare at. But its precisely the details that I see change, the big picture stays the same.

Lately, just my car seat, towel, sand and grooves on the highway cement seem to appear to be more defined. Looking at the deeper grooves on the road is not a good idea while driving. Perhaps as my vision improves, I will realize how many potholes or other problems there are with roads I previously saw as perfectly flat and normal.

Before starting therapy, I recall telling my friend Matt that even my garbage can would look more interesting. I have yet to spend time staring in delight at the rubbish receptacles at home or on the street, but I would not be surprised if they too, pique my interest.


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