Not only is the moon in duplicate with my contact lenses or with my binasal blocked glasses, but now I see many streetlights at night in double when I wear my contact lenses. This was particularly difficult on Monday. I wore my contacts for two TV interviews I had on Spanish language TV in San Francisco about my language book. I took them off between the interviews, but not after the last one. As I drove home on Highway 280, the reflectors on the left side of my lane were appearing in duplicate. But the reflectors’ newfound twins were in a curved formation along the left side of my lane. I had to pay close attention to stay in my lane. It was so bad that I had to get off the highway and find a lit parking lot where I could easily take out my contacts and put on my glasses. It was after midnight so most businesses were closed and I couldn’t find a restaurant where I could go in the bathroom and easily take out my contacts.

I told this to my doctor yesterday and he said that the contrast in the light probably causes the double vision.


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