The best way to describe what it’s like to change from 2D to whatever my vision is now is that it’s like negotiating with one’s vision. I often have to compare what I see to what I know is real. I know there aren’t two full moons tonight although I see two of them. The extra time it takes me to look at things and register what they really are is well, time-consuming. I find myself just staring at stuff because it looks different and I can’t explain what it is.

Last night, I was on a full moon hike and as the sun was coming down, the shadows around the rocks seemed different but I couldn’t say what it was. Not wanting to explain to the whole group that I found the rock shadows to be weird and slow down the group from walking up to the peak, I just made a mental note.I think the inability to check in with someone else about my changing world is what makes this hard. Yes, I see my eye doctor twice a week, but he’s not by my side when I wonder if the rocks really do look different or if I am just imagining things.


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