I think the people who can best understand what I am going through, besides those that I know who have gone through vision therapy, are those who have done other therapy. One friend is a recovering alcoholic and is going to AA and Codependants Anonymous meetings all the time. Her struggles with not drinking are a daily phenomenon and she can’t tell people at work why she is having trouble concentrating. Another friend was doing cancer therapy last year and despite his repeated explanations to his coworkers about why he needed help with certain physical tasks, they still didn’t “get it”.

If I were doing physical therapy and were walking around in a cast or with crutches, a cane or a walker, it would be obvious that I wasn’t as mobile or agile as a normal person. But because my therapy is inside my head and cannot be seen (ironic, eh?), few can appreciate and recall that I am in fact not as energetic or available as before. It’s a pain to remind people why I can’t do things. I wish they would just cut me some slack or leave me alone. Incidentally, it’s my mom who has the hardest time “getting” that I can’t be who she wants me to be.

My inner cast, crutches, walking stick, cane, wheelchair and other implements are only evident to me, my doctor and others who have had to re-wire themselves somehow.


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