Yesterday, I finished re-reading Susan Barry’s Fixing My Gaze and it helped me a great deal to understand what I am going through.

I read it last summer, six months before doing VT and there were many things that I simply could not understand when I read her book last year. Barry also had sensory overload and needed a lot of quiet time. What’s amazing is to read about the people who had their first 3D experiences and were so awed. One woman stopped eating her salad after her tomato looked like it was popping out of it! Another, stayed at home and didn’t read, go to work, watch TV or work on the computer. I wonder what it will be like when this happens to me. I’ve already significantly limited my life, how else will I have to restrain myself?

Like last year, I was crying a lot while reading her book. It wasn’t a sad book, it was that it touched me so deeply because I could understand parts of it and was struggling to “get” other sections. The ones that went into neuro-scientific detail were difficult intellectually and I had to read certain passages two or three times. I even read some parts aloud because I thought that would help me understand them better.

Perhaps I’ll read the book again before I finish therapy.


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  1. Tom says:

    I too went back and read parts of her book again after about 7 months of going though VT. I am beginning to see in 3d but keep double guessing myself.

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