I asked my health insurance for an out of network referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist at the Medical School at the University of California at San Francisco. After about two months, I finally got the approval yesterday. Halle&(#&@(@^(#^&#* lujah.

Yesterday was also the day the optometrist put a prism sticker on my glasses. Well, I now see more in double during the day. I saw the doctor with two intermittent heads. Maybe I didn’t phrase that right. I intermittently saw him with two heads. Gosh, I can’t even write correctly now. I know it’s hard for most people not going through binocular vision therapy to understand why seeing the eye doctor with two heads is a sign of progress, but it is. It means I am using both eyes and the prism sticker reduces my vertical divergence. So his heads are closer together.

I warned my sister and some of my friends not to be worried if I looked at them funny, I might be trying to see one of them. So, no dancing or aerobics for me as I may trip over people, not knowing which of them is real.

After a two hour walk today with a friend, we sat down to chat on some benches under the shade. I think I saw him with two noses. At least he found it funny!

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