Since I got the prism in my right lens last Thursday, I’ve had some difficulty looking at people for a while. I see them with two heads sometimes. Even more confusing is when I see them with one head, two noses and three eyes. I went for a walk last Friday with a friend. When we sat down and I was looking at him, I had to cut off the conversation because it was too difficult to concentrate when I intermittently saw him with two noses or three eyes. The following day, I realized I had to keep moving around to keep the person’s head in front of me single. Yesterday, I was having lunch with my friend Matt and I explained that I wasn’t fidgeting, but I had to keep moving around or else his head would be in duplicate.

Hmm, how I am going to stay sane in social situations with this problem? Matt and I had a good chuckle when I told him that I recently put a personals ad on What I am going to tell my future dates? “Sorry, I need to move every minute or so or else you look like you have three eyes!”

Oh my!


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