I wonder if there is some psychological barrier that is blocking me from making progress with VT.

My friend J., who is a recovering alcoholic and has been very supportive of me with my road to 3D, suggested that I may be holding back something emotionally that is not letting me get past anomalous correspondence and intermittent double vision. (As a side note, some of my most supportive friends are those who have had to go through cancer therapy and/or major psychological rewiring themselves to get over alcohol abuse.) Perhaps I am still grasping onto my story of being the only normal kid in the pre-school for retarded kids and I am locked into the past. Perhaps I still think of myself as the lazy-eyed freak. I don’t know but I am willing to explore this and let go of whatever psychological baggage needs to exit my system in order to move on. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some level, I am scared of 3D. As fascinated as I am by the new undulating texture of napkins that I discover or the other objects I stare at because I’ve never seen them in so much depth, I must be frank and admit that I’m also sad sometimes because I realize what I’ve been missing. Some friends tell me I should be happy because I can see that VT is working. Yes, logically, I should be happy, but part of me is not. Perhaps I am afraid of what life will look like when I cross (no pun intended) to the other side, to this unknown world. There is something comfortable in the known, however flat it may be.


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  1. danny says:

    so… have prisms on your eyeglasses fixed the problem? Is the refraction in each eye fairly even without eyeglasses? Is there a “dominance/suppression” issue?

    • I have to switch between my glasses with the prisms and binocular blockers and my normal glasses while on my VT vacation. The doctor thinks this will help me because the prisms create less of a vertical asymmetry while it increases the horizontal asymmetry within the double images that I see. My normal glasses (without any appendages) has more of a vertical asymmetry and less of a horizontal one. So by switching between the two, he deems that my eyes will learn to fuse the two images I see.

      • danny says:

        I’m mostly a Usenet person but I learned about your situation somewhat in one of the yahoo vision groups that I passively joined. I am in Palo Alto. You might be interested in a couple recent threads I started in sci.med.vision. You can google “Mundane Depth Perception Remedy” and “Prisms”.

        I found I have a lot of stereoptic “fusion” when using a viewmaster-type device (a/k/a Stereo Realist, in the “prisms” thread) but I’m wondering if my maximum stereo vision can be improved with normal eyeglasses if the eye doctor similarly tests for it when he tests for refractive error.

    • I will look into the prism information when I got back to vision therapy next month. I am on a VT vacation for now, although I am still wearing the prism glasses and alternating between them and my regular glasses.

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