Two weeks ago, I saw this Italian movie, Red Like the Sky (Rosso come il cielo) about a little boy in Tuscany who loses most of his sight in an accident around the age of seven and was sent to a school for the blind in the north of Italy.

When he arrives at the school, he is upset to see that the instruction is geared towards making the students into chair weavers or telephone operators and that the school administrator (a man who lost his sight later in life) doesn’t believe in giving the students the same education that normal kids get. The boy, steals a tape recorder, and goes around taping the sounds of things he likes to listen to. He also gets the other school boys and a local girl to record stories on the tape recorder and be creative. He shows that despite his visual disability, he still wants to be human and appreciate life. The film is based on a true story about Mirco Mencacci, a blind and gifted Italian sound editors.

While watching the movie, I was crying at certain scenes because I could relate to Mirco’s desire to be like normal kids and not lose out on life because of his disability. Although I don’t recall what it was like for me to be in a preschool for developmentally disabled kids as a two-year old in the former Soviet Union, I still feel some scorn for myself that I was stuck with retarded kids while I was perfectly normal despite my wandering eyes.

Here are the websites about the movie:

In English:

In Italian:


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