A few weeks ago, my developmental optometrist did allow me to take a break from VT. I told him that I needed to recharge my batteries and maybe even travel.

It’s been blissful these past few weeks that I have not been doing VT. I have yet to exercise my passport, but I am taking the best trip ever: I am going back to being vibrant self. This is better than any baklava or other Damascene (from Damascus, Syria) culinary wonders I most certainly want to taste when I finally take my much desired trip to the Levant. I may go to Russia in a few weeks with my Dad but going to Russia is anything but a vacation. It’s just something I have to do.

I almost feel like the sleeping sickness patients in the movie, Awakenings, who rejoice at going dancing or seeing girls in short skirts after so many years of being dormant. Ok, my situation isn’t nearly as extreme as those who were in a state of sleep for decades, but for a super energetic person like myself to be resigned to only reading and staying at home, returning to myself is quite a treat. I do know of course that when I resume therapy in a couple weeks, I may come back to my headaches, fatigue, confusion and need for silence. Not only am I relishing the last days of summer and spending time outdoors, but I am enjoying every second of being alive, being vibrant and spending time with friends.


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