No need for a disco ball for me to see lights moving around and changing color, all I need is to have my vision in flux.

Yesterday, I was having a drink at a bar on the sidewalk with a friend and each time I moved my head, I saw the streetlights move very quickly as though I was driving past them in a rapid swoop. But I wasn’t moving quickly, I was just moving my head normally. My one beer could not have made me delirious. It was my eyes, or rather, my brain.

Today, I was inside a cafe for a concert and I could see the lighted sign from a business across the street so close that it looked like the sign was on the cafe window, but was across the street. I had to really concentrate to make sure that the sign was indeed across the street.

Driving home tonight, I saw the green light change to a crimson hue while transitioning to yellow. Of course, I couldn’t stop midway on the intersection to examine the color, but I’d never seen the color change so quickly and be able to perceive the range of colors the stoplight goes through to get to yellow. It was if time slowed down and I could perceive the green becoming yellow while passing through a red-orange phase.

I am not going crazy. I am not seeing disco ball theatrics because I am nuts. My brain is taking in light differently.

No salsa dancing for me anytime soon or I will indeed go nuts from the revolving disco lights. I listen to salsa music and I imagine myself dancing. I also imagine myself doing ballet and gymnastics at other times of the day.

The eyes are first. Dancing can come later.


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