It’s been a while since I’ve written. Once the developmental optometrist allowed me to take a break, I was ecstatic to get my life back and have since been enjoying being myself again. Having my energy back is golden.

A few weeks ago, I was in Monterey, on the Californian coast. I rented a bike for four hours and cycled part of 17 mile drive, from Cannery Row, to the Lone Cypress, all through Pebble Beach, and back. It was gorgeous of course to ride along the coast. What I noticed as I switched from my glasses with the prism sticker on the right lens and bi-nasal blockers to my regular glasses that get dark in the sun is that I was often negotiating my vision. With my prism glasses, everything appears to move when I shift my head because of the lines on the prism sticker. With the other glasses, everything is darker because the lenses adjust to sunlight and become dark. I would sometimes look through outside of my glasses to see what the real colors were of the coast. Even though I am not actively doing vision therapy, I still am exercising my eyes and my brain.

I still can see double if I look at something for a while. I am in Russia now with my Dad and I went to the ballet Friday night with my 3rd cousin and her daughter. I could sometimes see the ballet dancers in double if I concentrated on fixating on just one of them.

I’ve always been a person in motion and now it’s easier for me to be in motion than to sit still to keep my sanity so I don’t see in double. Oddly, this seems counterintuitive because all vision therapy exercises at the optometrist’s office require me to sit or stand still and concentrate. (There is one exercise where I have to move backwards as I look at a card on the door, but I still stand still for a while before I move.)

I return home tomorrow and will resume vision therapy this week. It’s been great to have my life and energy back, but it’s time to pursue my goal: life in 3D.


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