After returning from Baku, I made an appointment with my developmental optometrist and explained my problems with lights in Baku and not being able to speak in English.

He couldn’t see a connection to the lights problems and my brain since I had the same problem with the lights with one eye closed or both eyes open. I told him that although I usually don’t wear contacts because I see better with glasses, I found that I didn’t have the starburst problem at night while wearing contacts. He was puzzled. He asked to see my glasses and then put them under a microscope.

The culprit was not my brain but my glasses! It turns out that the anti-reflective coating on my glasses was cracked and creating the odd refractions of light that made me see starbursts and long rays of light at night. The spectacles I got in Taiwan about 2.5 years ago had been making the last month terrible for me. He told me to see if I had other glasses at home with non-reflective coating that was not cracked and try those. Otherwise, I’d have to order new glasses. I didn’t want to get new glasses now as my prescription might change once I am done with therapy.

The other good news was that I am fusing in my peripheral vision and the doctor is confident that I can move towards fusing in my central vision and get over my “horror fusionis” (the inability to fuse two disparate images).

I came home, found a paid of glasses I bought at Costco six year ago and voila! I can drive at night again! I went to the coast for the weekend and was ecstatic. I had my freedom back again!
Ever since my change of specs, I have had a lot of energy, no night driving problems and no need for caffeine. I am taking the nutritional supplements the Azerbaijani neurologist recommended but I am not taking a tranquilizer. I am not that crazy!


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  1. Karim says:

    Wow, that’s funny that it took that long (weeks?) for the doctors to figure out that it was just your glasses. But I’m glad they figured it out!

    • Yes I was amazed that it took so long for people to figure it out. When I went to the neuro-ophthalmologist in San Francisco, his fellow mentioned that my glasses were scratched but didn’t connect the scratches to the starburst. Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple!

  2. SeeingStarbursts says:

    I know this is an old post, however I am suffering from the same thing and I do not wear glasses or contacts. Interesting to see that they conducted a brain wave test , the Drs. haven’t tested my brain waves yet. I will be googling these meds since I refuse to take the one I have been prescribed. So many Dr I have been too and they still don’t know whats causing it.. They’ve even mention the possibility of it being “in my head” I see that as false since if I angle my head a certain way the starbursts either increase or decrease. Glad it was just the glasses.

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