I don’t celebrate Christmas, otherwise I’d say that I’d want 3D vision from Santa. But I am not a believer in Santa and his elves, it’s all about my brain.

About 10 days ago, when I was at the developmental optometrist’s office, I told him about seeing in double before my CNN interview and how I’ve seen two of my friends’ heads in double. I explained that the odd thing about my friends’ duplicate heads is that their second head was by their waist. The doctor asked me where my friends were standing in relation to me and I said that they were to the right of me. Montserrat was about 10 feet away and Daniel was 5 feet away when their extra head appeared. The doctor explained that my eyes do something (and I can’t recall what they do exactly) when I look to the right that can create this asymmetrical doubling. Oh, I think he said that my right eye moves vertically when I look to the right, explaining why I can see my friends’ heads displaced when I look to the right.

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