I’ve become more and more of a hermit lately. I just can’t stand noise or being in a place with several people speaking at once. I’ve canceled on several dinners, parties and social gatherings in the past couple of weeks. Music at the gym and at cafés bother me. I have watched more movies and read more books than ever in my life.

Having a lot more free time now due to my reduced social activities means I spend more time at home reading and watching movies. I feel like I am traveling to other countries through the books I read and movies I watch. It’s my way of traveling while my brain adapts to rewiring itself to see in stereo.



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  1. amberhj says:

    I’d love to hear more about your desire to avoid highly stimulating environments! Wow! Are you easily fatigued and overwhelmed lately? I’m so curious.

    My daughter is 2 and a half and has been in vision therapy for over 6 months. She uses the yoked prism goggles at each weekly session in the office. She seems to get overwhelmed and upset after say 10 minute with them, so we take it slow. (Last session was tough–she ripped them off and had a fit, closing her eyes, so we stopped.) Lately, she’s more emotionally volatile, and often asks to take breaks. Reading your post made me have a big realization about how VT might be affecting my little one, thank you!

    • Yesterday, I was in my VT session and the girl behind me was reading loudly (I think she is dyslexic or has some other reading problem) and the doctor was at another table speaking enthusiastically and loudly to a child patient to encourage him to do something. The doctor’s wife, a vision therapist, was trying to get me to see the clown vectogram in depth and i could barely hear what she was saying. I asked her if we could move somewhere quieter. I bet I burn a lot of calories in my 30 minute VT sessions just because my brain is working overtime. I suggest making sure your daughter doesn’t eat too much sugar or other stimulating food (like chocolate) before a session because that spike in blood sugar may ruin her concentration, especially if she’s on a sugar low after the sugar has gone down. Having said that, I do sometimes need coffee before VT to keep my focus if I am tired. But that’s a different story.

      Ask the doctor for some ideas. Perhaps calming classical music or some light instrumental music (not Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony or Sesame Street tunes) before the session would calm her mind. When she’s doing the exercises at home, make sure it’s quiet. I revel in silence because my brain is just processing way too much. Even the neurologist told me to quiet and slow down my life. Perhaps a light head massage to her scalp would be good too.

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