These are my new specs. But I don’t dare wear them outside of the house over my normal glasses. I just wear them indoors. I look like a clown when I wear them.

When I first put them on, anything on the corners of the glasses seemed curvy. My sister put them on and saw everything in double. My nephew and niece thought they were so funny looking that they got their parents to take photos of them wearing the glasses. Of course, they wondered why their aunt has to wear glasses that make them see in duplicate. I couldn’t explain to them that their aunt doesn’t see in double with these glasses on a regular basis.

I wear them around the house and I use them to do an exercise at home. I put a prism over one of the lenses and look at a piece of paper with the letter M in big print to keep the M single for as long as possible as I back up and move towards the M.

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