Last week in was in Miami doing Spanish media interviews about my language book. As I was staying at my friend’s house, I felt uncomfortable walking around in my prism glasses that are about twice as big as my regular spectacles. So I only wore them when I was in my room alone. I did some of my vision exercises but I was usually too tired or last to do them everyday as I was preparing for my interviews. These are not valid excuses especially since I’ve dedicated over a year and a lot of money to do VT.

The week prior to Miami, I had a fever and was sick. I did wear the prism glasses at home, but I was too weak to do the exercises on most days.

I am happier now that I am doing some traveling as opposed to how stuck I felt a year ago when I was going to VT thrice weekly and did no traveling, but I realize that being away from home and my routine actually makes me less consistent. What I need is for my brain to be relaxed so it can absorb the changes it is going through. My comings and goings nationally or internationally are anything but calm. So I’ve decided not to travel anymore to promote my book and to do my book promotion from the Internet. My travel can be reserved for pleasure trips.




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