While in Miami, my friend who was hosting me invited me to social events almost every night. I declined them all, except for on my last night. I knew she was going to be meeting with French speakers and I didn’t want to switch from speaking Spanish and English to speaking in French since all of my media interviews were in Spanish. I had spent so much energy and time arranging all of my TV interviews that I didn’t want to run the risk of accidentally saying something in French in a live CNN interview. My language confusion started while in Azerbaijan in early November when I had trouble speaking in English with so much Russian around me.

On my way to my CNN interview, I said something in Italian to my Paraguayan friend with whom I usually speak in Spanish.

Vision therapy has made me think differently about many social activities in order to avoid events with many people and noise. Now I am avoiding situations that may make me get linguistically confused. If it weren’t for the live TV interviews, I probably would have gone to the French events with no hesitation.

Not only am I seeing in a new way, I am socializing in a new way as well.



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