I went to a Carnival ball last weekend with friends and was wearing a mask. I danced the waltz, mazurka, polka, tango and other dances and had a ball (ha ha!). I hadn’t been dancing since June and it was great to go back. During the first dance, I was waltzing with my friend José and the room was moving too fast around me as I turned. The mazurka was so fast I felt like I was literally being swept off my feet by the great leader I was with. Half way through the evening, the motion and twirling around did get to be too much for me and so I saw down and talked to José and my friend Jessica. I notice things in motion a lot more now. So I can do dancing, but in small amounts and in well-lit places. Dance clubs with the disco balls and lights are too much for me. For salsa and meringue, I may opt for dance studios instead because they are better lit than dark dance clubs and bars.


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