On Monday, I went to Stanford Law School for a debate about the Goldstone Report, the UN report on the Israeli-Hamas armed conflict in the Gaza Strip and Southern Israel.

A few hours before the debate, I went to the developmental optometrist’s office and I had a super difficult task of making my favorite clown single after seeing him in double. As a result of doing this, the single clown was not as crisp as he should have been.

It was extremely tiring and difficult, but I could feel my left eye moving inwards. I was straightening my eyes. I seemed fine as I went home, changed my clothes and got ready to go to Stanford for the debate from lawyers who supported and were opposed to the report about Israel’s and Hamas’ violations of international human rights and war laws.

Instead of paying attention to the details of the report, I was opening up my falafel ball and staring at the texture of the mashed up chick peas. I had seen the insides of many falafel balls in the past but I had never found them so fascinating. I had to laugh at myself internally that I was interested more in the falafel than in the discussion.

When I looked up to see the speakers, I saw them in double. To see them singularly, I did the same thing as with the clown and I saw the speaker less clearly than when I saw him or her in double. I had to close one eye, look away, take off my glasses or divert my gaze somehow to not get confused by the double image.

I have another session today and I will go home and relax after the therapy and not go to any event to avert any problems.

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  1. When I went back to the optometrist, I learned that I wasn’t supposed to see the clown blurry when single. So I had made such an effort to see him single that when I got to the Stanford Law School event, my eyes were super tired because I’d been doing the wrong thing at the doctor’s office.

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