In March, there was a noticeable slowness about me, partially caused by my lack of a car due to my December car accident that left me without wheels for 3 months. But beyond my transportation problems, I just moved slowly. I am usually a fast walker, but last month I often strolled so slowly as though I had nowhere to be and no time constraints. It was as though every day was a Sunday, everything around me moved slowly, including the mechanic who told me it would take 3-4 days to fix my car but who actually took 3.5 weeks!

There’s a French movie with Gerard Depardieu’s son, called “Tous les matins du monde” (All the mornings of the world). March was a month of all Sundays. It felt like there were fewer cars on the road. I walked around and stared at trees, my neighbors’ homes and flowers as though I had never seen them before. There was and is something different about trees that I can’t quite describe. It’s as though they are closer to me, some branches seem to stick out more.

Incidentally, I also sold more books last month even though I didn’t do much to do any promotion. Slowing down is good.


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