My new vision therapy homework is to watch cartoons with my funny prism glasses! I even get to watch animation with red & green plastic on the screen while wearing my normal glasses, prism glasses and red-green glasses. That’s a lot of lenses to fit on my not so huge nose. I see more depth while in motion so the doctor thinks moving targets in animation may be better for me than looking at letters (my normal routine). I welcome this change because I am so bored of staring at a print out of a big letter E before it goes double! My nephew and niece will have to share Curious George and other cartoons with their auntie with the cuckoo glasses. My life is moving slowly, as though I’m living on some other planet, but it ain’t without its oddities.

When I told this to my friend, he sent me this response:

“Watching cartoons as homework. You are in my childhood paradise Susanna.”

My reply:

“There has to be some benefit for spending so many months wearing prism glasses that make me look like a clown:)”


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