A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about the slowness of my life compared to that of other people whose personal lives are moving (marriage, kids, new relationships) while my social life has taken a beating given my vision therapy caused fatigue.

While others are exploring the birds and the bees, I am staring at trees! I seriously do stare at trees. The branches seem to be moving towards me when I walk.

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  1. amberhj says:

    It’s like you get to be a little kid again and view the world anew and focus on simple wonders rather than more complex adult social stuff, which must be pretty amazing in some ways… Sorry about the fatigue! Your brain must be working so hard right now, processing visual information in new ways.

    • I’ve been in a great mood for the past two weeks since I changed my attitude towards VT. I do have “adult” stuff but I don’t pay much attention to it, except to make sure all my bills are paid and that I’m solvent. The adult stuff is not as important to me as before. I’d rather stare at trees! I swear I’m not on any drugs!

  2. Tom says:

    I too spend a lot of time walking around at lunchtime in a park looking at the trees and the long walkways and the space between the people and branches which until vision therapy have never noticed. I catch myself stopping and staring at the oddest things.

    • Tom,
      So you too feel like a little kid reveling in the novelty of life?

      How far into VT are you? Are you seeing in 3D all the time? Susan Barry recommended looking in corridors and long walkways too but I don’t see anything different in those places yet. What should I look for? What do you see that’s new?

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