Uh oh! Be careful what you lament, it just might come to you in depth!

A few days ago, I joked that my friends have a social life and are having fun with the birds and the bees while I stare at trees.

Well, it didn’t take long for the bee to come into my life.

My vision is definitely getting sharper, so sharp that a bee flying in front of my front car window on Wednesday looked like it was flying inside my car. Driving along the luscious tree-lined University Avenue of Palo Alto, California, I was startled to see the bee flying inside my car without any buzzing. Although I had just washed my window yesterday, I knew my window wasn’t so clean that the bee would appear so clearly as though it were right in front of my eyes. Nope. It’s my eyes and my brain. The bee looked so real to me as though it were not behind any glass because my vision is better.

I’m already admiring the birds as they fly above when I go hiking.

So I do have birds and bees in my life:) I just have to see them differently to appreciate them!


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