The BBC broadcast a program last week, Imagine: The Man Who Forgot How to Read and Other Stories, about Dr. Oliver Sacks’ losing his 3D vision, Stereo Sue and others with vision issues and discoveries. The show explains how Stereo Sue went from 2D to 3D and how she also loves staring at trees. (I was riding my bike today and was paying too much attention to the trees. Finally, I just got off my bike and walked so I could see the trees!)

Next time a stereoscopic person tells me that not seeing with both eyes is no big deal, I’ll send them Stereo Sue’s interview in this documentary where she explains that being stereoblind is much more complex than just closing one eye.

I couldn’t see the video on the BBC, so I found it on You Tube. Stereo Sue appears in Part 4.

Part 1/4:

Part 2/4:

Part 3/4:

The section about stereovision starts around minute 9:18 and continues in Part 4.

Part 4/4:

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