A few weeks ago, I attended a week-long spiritual retreat with the intention of developing serenity about my life and gaining the security that I was on the right path, even though the fruits of my labor (both in vision therapy and professionally) were taking a long time to harvest.

During the spiritual retreat, I learned how to meditate while walking. This was excellent for me since I have trouble sitting still for a long time, hence my preference for moving targets. I also had time to reflect on my eyes and brain. I feel that when this is all over and I gain my stereopsis, I will understand why this took so long. There are lessons for me in this journey and I know I have yet to acquire and comprehend them all. Hindsight is 20/20, but I want to get some of that 20/20 now, so I can feel more comfortable where I am. What I do know now is that I am open to learning whatever spiritual lesson is out there for me along this path.

I read this article, Out of the Coma. Back to the Office, about an entrepreneur who had a car accident. After his accident, his brain changed so much that his character did as well. He said that he didn’t return to being 100% of who he had been, but 100% of a new person. I feel that I too am becoming a new person, but I don’t totally know this new individual.

Part of this journey is about patience, resilience and faith.
Has anyone else out there grown spiritually as a result of going through vision therapy? How has your personality changed?

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