I so wish I had another adult vision therapy patient in the San Francisco Bay Area to walk around with and stare at trees and cobwebs.

How many sober adult women ride the bus for a joy ride, even when they don’t know where the bus is going just to look at the trees go by?

I think I may be the only one.

I take the bus now (even if I don’t know the destination of the bus) just so I can see trees in motion. It’s so cool to see the trees closest to me move past me while the images in the distance stay still. I can’t recall how things looked before, but it was different. Dr. K says that I’m seeing the trees in motion on the street as I should be. I noticed this arboreal motion effect while driving on a street near my house. As I drove, it felt as though the trees were a canopy moving above me and opening up as I drove in the middle of them. It was hard to stay focused on the road because it was so beautiful to see the trees open up above me and feel the road move under me that I realized that I’d either have to ask someone to drive me around or I’d have to take the bus. I didn’t want to talk or listen to music, I just wanted to admire the trees. So finding someone to drive me around in silence seemed unlikely.

My binocular vision is activated while I am in motion; no surprise there as I am a traveler.

I like to walk a lot in silence and admire trees. It feels as though tree branches are just sticking out at me. When the wind blows, the full tree branches look like some underwater plant moving in the water. (See picture below.)

It’s a very isolating experience because I haven’t found anyone locally who shares my fascination for staring at trees. I walk around with my head pointed upwards to admire the arboreal splendor. I probably look like I am on drugs or am delirious:)

I’m also noticing spiderwebs everywhere. When walking into my dad’s shed a month or so ago, I was taken aback by all the spiderwebs and how complex they were. Now I see them at the park, especially on bushes. During one walk in the park, I stopped, picked up a stick and unraveled the webs on the bushes and plants iI saw. I bet the people walking by thought I was a freak of some sort because nobody else, besides young kids, would be having fun breaking apart spiderwebs. Today, as I was walking, I got caught in a web in progress. I was amazed by the spider I saw moving in the air, suspended by nothing.

Spiderwebs: my new visual discovery

Recently a friend from Germany wrote to me asking how I was doing and commented that I hadn’t written in a while. She suspected that I was feeling down because she and a mutual friend of ours recently got married and another mutual friend is planning on wedding soon. The last time we had spoken I told her that I felt like my life was slow and uneventful compared to the non-vision therapy existence of other people who have tangible things to share. It’s true, I don’t feel like I have much to share with people because my life revolves around my eyes and few people can appreciate how cool it is for me to suddenly admire the work of spiders. I sound like a 6 yr old.

“What’s new in your life?” someone asks.

“Oh, I found this cool tree near my house and I stare at it and then look at the spider webs nearby.”

I am tearing up as I write this because I truly feel isolated. I’ve been to two baby showers in the past 6 weeks and I’ve not only found out that baby showers are lame and boring, but I find it hard to rejoice in someone else’s euphoria of becoming a mom when I feel like I am becoming a child again myself and couldn’t care less about cribs, bottle drying racks and the like.


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