Over the last days, I’ve noticed a change in my vision. It started a week or ten days ago when I noticed that my vision during the soft light after sunset was clearer than in the past. It’s not the my vision had previously been blurry at twilight, but that my vision was suddenly crisper.

Life is motion seems more like a Blu Ray movie. I can’t really say much more than that. Car move more smoothly across the road. When I opened my Subway sandwiches paper wrapper, the paper moved differently, it’s seemed more crisp (the physical paper, not the sandwich bread:))

When I saw my first videos in Blu Ray about a year ago at my friend Camilo’s house, I was in awe at the movement on the screen, so much so that I wasn’t paying attention to the plot or dialogue of the movie, but more to how I saw the images glide from one place to another. It’s as though they were riding one of those things that move people at the airport. It looks like an elevator, but it’s horizontal. It’s as though people were moving   on a skateboard instead of walking. They glided, not walked.

Like so much of what we who are on the road from 2D to 3D experience, my newfound vision of movement is something I, as a writer, struggle to communicate. All I can say is that life in motion seems more like a Blu Ray movie. This lack of words is most likely the most trying thing of this move from flatland to the land of 3D, I can barely make sense of it with my own words. Just saying “it’s different” is like a diplomatic way of telling someone that their food is gross. I sometimes stare at things because they look “different” although I have no way of describing what in fact it is.

Since my friend literally opened my eyes to Blu Ray, I’ve gone to Best Buy and Fry’s (local electronics chain) to admire Blu Ray and 3-D TVs. I can’t see any 3D but the Blu Ray TVs fascinate me. I’m like the poor kid in the movies from the 1950s who doesn’t have a TV at home and stares at TVs through the shop window in awe of moving pictures.


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  1. Tina says:

    I haven’t really tried yet, I have a blog post about it, actually.. but the new 3D tvs are supposed to work for people with strabismus or only one eye. Something to do with the technology. I’ll try to find the information somewhere.

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