I think I’ve written about this before. But I thought I remark on my new strategy that two friends helped me come up with to avoid explaining what VT is, what it means to only see flat and why my vision therapy is slowing down my life because of all of the side effects.

My new way of deflecting too many questions (“What you can’t see in 3D? How are you still alive? Is this safe? You stare at brocolli because you think it looks cool? blah blah blah) is to tell people that I am dealing with a complex medical situation which I care not to discuss. But let it be known that it is slowing me down in most aspects of my life. Period. I realized that I was getting aggravated answering questions from people who usually had no idea what they were talking about or couldn’t remember what I had previously told them.

How do other people deflect unwanted questions? As I’ve been doing this for more than a year and a half and have experienced many side effects (fatigue, language confusion, intermittent diplopia, inability to concentrate, etc), I want to tell people what is going on so that they’ll understand why my professional and social lives have been slow for a while. But explaining just takes away too much energy.


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  1. Tina says:

    No good at deflecting here. Unfortunately, it comes up a lot, since I don’t highway drive, & rely on my husband a lot. Now. My eyes are cosmetically corrected, its even harder to explain…

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