I’m jealous to read about other adult strabismics going into stereo. I’ve been doing VT for a year and eight months and I am not in stereo.

For those of you who are like me and moving at a snail’s pace, how do you keep your motivation going and do your exercises? I sometimes have to force myself to do my exercises.

Now that I am doing some Berrnell VT video exercise where I use a Berrnell-0-Scope to look at 3D images of a moving concoction on my computer screen, I play The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or an audiobook on my computer to keep me entertained. Watching a moving object on my computer is better than staring at vectograms of clowns, but it doesn’t captivate me in the slightest.

(Video program of moving concoctions.)  (Bernell-o-Scope)

Any idea on how to motivate oneself to be excited about vision therapy when your progress is slow?


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