Victories in adult strabismic vision therapy sound bizarre to those with normal vision. But I know I can share this here and get some nods of “Yes, that’s happened to me” or at least some laughs.

In September, I reported on my newfound appreciation of the visual details of mildew. Yes, that annoying black stuff that grown in your shower/bath that you want to get rid of. I was able to see it in better definition without my glasses or contacts.

Lately, I’ve noticed swarms of flies when I go hiking or for a walk in a park or creekside area. Last week, I felt like I was amidst a locust storm, similar to the one I saw in the movie Nowhere in Africa. (I looked for this specific scene on You Tube and I couldn’t find it. This German movie won the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award in 2002. It shows the true story of a German Jewish family who escaped the Holocaust by going to Kenya during World War II and one of their many challenges in Africa was dealing with the locusts.)

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California

Back to my eyes,  I must be seeing better if I can perceive these light-colored flies in the air. Three weeks ago, I was in San Francisco on an incredibly sunny day and was frozen looking at flies near a garbage can. Many tourists came to delight in the Palace of Fine Arts, from the 1915 Pan American Fair. I was enraptured with the flies by the garbage can. The Palace of Fine Arts is my favorite place in San Francisco but it couldn’t seduce me away from the flies. As they say in Spanish, “cada loco su tema” (every crazy person has his or her topic/issue). I’ve gone from mildew to flies. What’s next? Staring at my compost container to see the orange peels and apple cores pop out?

I went back to a particular creekside trail near where I used to live just to find my flies and stare at them. I used to walk that trail many times so I know that the flies haven’t recently moved in. They’ve always been there but I had never seen so well to make out their profiles amidst the light.

It’s hard to transmit my delight in seeing flies to my friends and family. I sound like I’m on drugs or am delirious or both. That’s why I go alone to the creek to look at the flies.

Does anyone else find pleasure in these fine details of life? Maybe mildew doesn’t rock your world. Maybe it’s the dust on your table that you now see better and know that you need to clean.


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  1. Keith Cary says:

    I’m far from your level of stereoscopy (I’ve never had an operation and my eyes cross at near 50 diopters. I do have good vision in both eyes) but every little success has been hugely fascinating for me, and no, most friends and family don’t get it at all. Being now able to see double (having some control over my suppression) has been amazing. And I can see some form of stereo using my homemade mirror stereoscope. I can spend a long time happily staring into space. At the same time I’m understanding a little of what I’ve read on your blog about the downsides of VT. I have more headaches and I’m more aware of my odd monocular vision. It’s uncomfortable at times, though I think I’ve missed most of the worst stuff. Thanks for your writing. Keith

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