I won’t lie and copy Stereo Sue’s “First Snowfall” wonder story in 3D. But I have to say that even though I don’t see in 3D yet, I was beyond amazed at the snowfall yesterday.

It’s been several years since I last saw snow falling. The last time was way before I started VT. So this is for sure my first time seeing snow in more depth and it is incredible. Unlike Sue, I wasn’t so dazzled by being in a 3D dance with snow, but I was amazed at how well I could see the snowflakes individually and so clearly. (I’ve lived in places with snow so I am no stranger to snow although I currently live in a part of California that doesn’t get snow.)

Lit by the front lights of  a car at night, the snow fell down like firecrackers, each one coming toward the windshield of the car. During the day, the sight of the snow reminded me of the opening scene of the movie Hugo, which I saw in 2D. In the film, there are either snowflakes or dust falling into the train station and each flake approaches the screen in a magnificent way. I was in awe at the beginning of the movie because it felt like the flakes were coming towards me. I could see the snow closest to me and see the snow a few meters away from me and across the street, all at once. It was so cool!  Yesterday, when  I was outside, it looked like the snow was so clear. I loved looking at the flakes of snow on the fur at the end of my Dr Zhivago looking winter coat which I had bought for -30C weather in Ukraine some years ago. I could see the droplets of water on the strands of fur like in some nature photography show.


This photo isn’t super clear. I promise that the snowflakes looked much better than in this shot.

I asked the person I was walking with to just let me stand for a bit to admire the snow but he wanted to keep on walking and I didn’t feel comfortable explaining why I just wanted to stand in the cold and look at the snow. I’ve come to the conclusion that explaining myself is pointless.



I hope it snows again today so I can just sit and stare. I can’t truly explain how I saw snow before. It wasn’t as clear. Each flake wasn’t as well defined. And it definitely didn’t come towards me like a firecracker show.



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  1. Lynn Gehl says:

    i am sorry for asking this

    but can you send me the link to this blog


  2. Congratulations!! you’ve just unlock the Santa Berry’s Badge! 😉

  3. Lynda Rimke says:

    This is wonder-FULL. I hope you get to see more snow in more and more depth each time. Every once in a while, I see texture in detail both near and a little farther away and have a moment of discovery, and enjoy this multi-level way of seeing. Let’s carry on!

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