In the movie, Casablanca, one of the characters says “We’ll always have Paris”.
Nowhere near Paris and on the opposite side of romance, I say “I’ll always have the flies”.

As I was walking yesterday to meet my Spanish friend, who deeply hurt me two weeks ago when he sent out a group email to see a 3D film, I saw flies everywhere. Mind you, this is a park in my town that I’ve been to many times. Many times. I’ve never seen so many swarms of flies in different places in the park. Even on the street on the way to the park, I saw flies hovering above me, like signs telling me that no matter what happened with my friendship, I’d always have these white flies to marvel at. This may seem cheesy, corny or whatever you may call it. But I was very happy to be met by flies on my way to the place in the park where I sat to meet my friend.

Almost two weeks since that 3D movie email, I am still hurt. Logic tells me to just forgive my friend, and another who didn’t heed to my request to be taken off of the email thread about this damn 3D movie, but emotions and logic don’t go together. My Spanish friend understood this. I told him that I am not ready to open myself up again to him as I don’t want to be hurt again by his absent mindedness.

I told another friend, who has done VT, about my flies and he jokingly told me I’m a cheap date. I don’t need fancy movies or even fancy dinners. Just take me to a park to stare at flies or at dust circulating or rising in a ray of light and I’m dazzled. Heck, if you bring a cucumber that we can cut so I can appreciate the water bubbles on the cucumber and an unboiled egg so I can check out the little holes and bumps on the egg shell, I’ll be even more intrigued.

Don’t get my wrong, I am not intending to drop all of my friends and stare at dust and flies for my social life. But I’ve just recently discovered that egg shells are not always smooth and those little water droplets on freshly cut cucumber are beautiful.

One of the benefits of improving my visual acuity is seeing the stuff other people don’t care about: mildew, flies, dust, water droplets on cucumbers and bumps on egg shells. I know those things aren’t going to appear on any pamphlets or websites advertising VT but they make me pause, marvel and smile. I’ll take those feelings of appreciation any day over an overpriced movie I can’t fully see.


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