I live a double life.

“You’re a spy?”, you ask.

Sometimes I feel like I am spying on another world. My agency is called VT for short.


“Venezuelan Terrorists?”

No, Hugo Chávez isn’t sending me orders from his grave.

“Ventriloquists Troupe?”

I might as well be a ventriloquist. I seem to be speaking of things of another world.

Pakistan has the ISI. The Israelis have the Mossad. Pre-Revolutionary Iran had the Savak. The US has the CIA and the FBI.

My double life comes care of VT. It stands for Vision Therapy. It’s a mystery to those unfamiliar with uncoordinated eyes. Like the covert operatives working for those agencies, I see things that most people don’t see.

Brock string image from http://visionhelp.wordpress.com.

Brock string image from http://visionhelp.wordpress.com.

Spies search for little clues pointing them towards underworld operations or illegal activities. I look at small beads on a string to make them double and then single. If I’m lucky, I can get the string to double too and make a V into the little hole in the middle of the bead.

Spies may linger in a café or restaurant wearing dark glasses pretending to read the newspaper while observing their suspects and eavesdropping on their conversations. I may sit in a sidewalk café pretending to be people watching while my real endeavor is admiring the texture on the napkin. Wow! Did you notice the bumps, pattern and texture of this napkin? This is all new to me.

I have dark glasses too but they’re not the “sexy international man or women of mystery” variety. I can’t imagine James Bond sporting red-green lenses while wooing his heroine. I also pretend to read, but I don’t get to catch up on the latest gossip pages. I’ve already memorized the eye chart that I have to read with my dark shades with random black and red letters that appear in red and green. I look at the chart to see how many red and green letters I can see at once.

My mysterious eye chart.

My mysterious eye chart.

Spies often have a regular job and do their espionage work after-hours. I try to maintain a normal job and do VT, which is a job in and of itself.

Spies speak in codes to keep their secrets. Codes? I’ve got codes. If you hear how many times I say “double, single, vertically misaligned, the clown has two noses now” to my doctor when I look at clown vectograms, you’d think I was speaking in code.

Spies live in a world where they can’t be sure what’s real and who else is a spy, a double agent or a fake. When you start to see the moon in double and your friend with two noses and three eyes, you too will wonder what is real.

Spies appear to be one thing but are indeed something else. If you look at my eyes, they look straight but they are not. I’m not who I appear to be.


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  1. Mae says:


    lol. you’re pretty funny. your blog seems really interesting – well at least that’s how it looks to me. Probably because i’m strabismic myself as well 🙂 just call me Mae have to read the rest your blog though, but it seems pretty neat to me. anyway, were you used to being exo- or eso? and, how do you add another blog [link/s] in your own blog? ’cause i just actually started my very own and would like to add something more to it…thanks 🙂

    • I believe I had infantile esotropia.

      Please send me the link to your blog. Are you writing about VT?

      • Mae says:

        oh thanks so much. it’s earthsbluesandgreens.blogspot.com – it isn’t really about VT in general, (I just can’t afford it, but i try to do vt exercises at home; brock string, rolling, pencil push-ups, etc.and try to do this really cool one from squintyjosh blog wherein you try to fuse images by using a mirror in a 45 degree angle) but what i go through as a strabismic.. *smiles* it’s freshly created and i’m not really a techie person plus i can only occasinally use my cousin’s spouse’s laptop, so any help about how-to-blog i’d really appreciate…thanks again

  2. Mae says:

    oh, by the way, are those really your eyes on top of this page?!? they look pretty 🙂

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