White furry flakes from trees and flies

Some type of tree in Budapest must have been in bloom three weeks ago when I arrived because I saw flurries of these white furry flakey things flying around the city. On one street, there seemed to be a storm of these white things. I couldn’t help but stop and just admire them. Budapest has many, many tourist attractions and beautiful buildings. People don’t come to the city by the busloads to look at these round white things floating in the air unless they are strabismics in VT whose visual acuity is improving 🙂

When I got to Sarajevo, it rained for seven out of my eight days there. So I had many an opportunity to look at rain and appreciate it when it was so white that it almost looked like light snow. I wasn’t prepared for the rain. I only had cloth shoes which got easily soaked. On one day, I wore four different pairs of socks because both my socks and shoes kept on getting drenched. (I seriously was considering putting a plastic bag in my shoe to protect me from the rain.) One very rainy night, I was waiting for my friend Ivan to come and meet me in front of the Central Bank. He was running late and I stood below an overhanging and just stared at the falling rain illuminated by the lamp in the tall lamppost. I was smiling at the rain. Most people would think I was crazy for standing in the cold. But the rain looked like snow when lit up by the light and I was appreciating the distance between the rain drops.

A few days later, I was walking by the zoo and again I saw an almost non-stop movement of white flurry things moving in the air above the creek. At first I thought there must have been some kids blowing lots and lots of bubbles but then I saw that the swarm wasn’t of bubbles or of my dear flies but of these white flurry furry things, probably from some tree. It wasn’t windy so I don’t know why there were so many nor do I know from where they were coming. Again, I stood in awe of these things and no one else seemed to care or notice. It was as though it was snowing but the snow was moving horizontally and not vertically.

On my last day in Sarajevo, my dear friend and I were crossing the pedestrian bridge near his apartment at night and I asked him to let me stand and admire the flies which were gravitating to the light on the bridge. He chuckled. (I had already told him that I have a fascination with flies that he’ll never understand.) The flies and I had our moment. But I didn’t stay more than a minute with the flies as I didn’t want my friend to think I was completely nuts.

Two days ago, I was walking with a friend in a park (in California) and when we approached a swarm of flies as we were crossing the bridge over the river, again, I had to point out the flies to my friend.

“Do you see those flies?” I asked.

“Yes, of course I do,” my friend said.

“Two years ago, I couldn’t see those flies,” I said to him.

Pointing out what I can see now helps my friends get a glimpse into my improved acuity. It doesn’t mean that they get what’s going on with me but at least I am not as much of a mystery as before. (Referencing clown vectograms and quoits to a 3D person who has never done VT is pointless.)


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  1. Actually, mentioning VT to ANYONE (strabismic or not) often seems pointless. My strabismic brothers don’t even get it. I tell everyone about what it did for my children and what I hope to achieve anyway:) Thanks so much for sharing!

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