The triangle keeps moving!

While fighting to draw a simple triangle using the cheiroscope, with one eye seeing the image of the triangle  reflected by a mirror and the other eye seeing my pen on the paper as I trace the triangle, the image keeps moving. Essentially my eyes are shifting. I have to wait until I can get my eyes to bring the triangle back to its original location.

Cheiroscope image taken from SquintyJosh’s blog

This is like in the movie Hunger Games, when the couple seems to be succeeding in surviving in the forest but the rulers of the game decide to make it harder on them and add a rainstorm and animals chasing them. Just when I think I’ve got the lines of the reflected triangle matched with the one I am drawing, they separate. My friend has the following quote on the wallpaper in her bathroom: “Just when you think you can make ends meet, somebody moves the ends”. That’s exactly how I feel when drawing my triangle or the other geometric figures which move.

Drawing this triangle on the university campus where I was an Honors student is one of the most humbling experiences of my life because I think that getting a PhD in Physics, a subject I haven’t studied since high school and one at which I was an average student, would be easier than drawing this triangle. Tears are coming out my eyes as I struggle to draw something even preschoolers can draw.

What is even more difficult than drawing this triangle is that communicating this to people who have never done VT or who have never had double vision is a complete and utter waste of time and may frustrate me more than when I was actually working my hardest to draw three lines that meet to form a triangle.
I left the office feeling terrible. I met up with friends afterwards in the evening and we even had fun singing together but I didn’t breathe a word about my struggle with the moving triangle. There is a major part of my life that’s a secret. I was definitely not a spy in a former life because this double life I lead is eating away at me.


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  1. Lynda Rimke says:

    I get the frustrations from explaining exceeding the exercises. At least with the exercises, I occasionally have success!

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