Exactly four years after I started vision therapy, I saw diplopia visually, but not because my eyes were not fusing, but on the canvas of a major painter! For my birthday, I went to the Dalí Museum in the Florida city eponymous with the city of my birth.

I was actually not a fan of Dalí’s work but I figured I should visit the museum since I was going to be in the area. What a marvelous choice that was! I carefully listened to the audio guide as I walked around the museum. I even took a lunch break as I could tel that the museum was going to take up a lot of my concentration.

The bullfighter on the Venus de Milo in the painting pictured above struck me. I might not have picked up the double image if it had not been for the explanation of the audioguide. (Clues: There are two bullfighters transposed on top of the right two Venus de Milo statues. The bullfighter’s green tie is on the bottom part of the second Venus de Milo’s robe.)

Finally I can tell people “I sometimes see like Dalí’s paintings”! For me, who has suffered deeply about not being understood concerning my vision, having the Dalí reference is monumental. Previously, when I had seen his work in books, I just thought he was a weird painter whom I couldn’t understand. Now I appreciate that he showed the world how some of us with intermittent diplopia see it and struggle to explain to others.

My words on this screen may ring flat in your ears but I was ecstatic at the museum but I had no one to whom to comment. I bet the other museum visitors would have thought me insane if I told them “I sometimes see the world like a screwed up Dalí invention!”




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